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iMemory The Guruitself - Memory Mechanism

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The quality of this book speaks itself, after using the book you can easily able to memorize anything you want after one reading, also students do not need any kind of Tuition or extra classes throughout their academic carrier. In this book, the author has developed many techniques that describe the way our mind naturally works. This book is based on Mnemonics that boost your memory sharpen so that you can enjoy quick learning, long retention and powerful recollection. This book expresses the ways to remember information through Imagination and Association. This book is for all ages, it may be School student, students preparing for various competitive exams like IIT, JEE, CET, PMT, SAT, CAT, GMAT, TOEFL, IELTS, IAS, IPS. Teachers, Doctors, Engineers Managers, Businessmen, Housewives, and anybody want to improve memory mind and brain abilities serious about his life and performance and want to fulfil his / her true potential. This book describes the ways to memorize any information after just one reading, as this book includes very simple, funny and interesting methods by the help of which you can sharpen your memory in meantime This book at least Double Your Present Memory if your studies this book carefully with an internal compass. 


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About the Author (2008)

Sababbi Mangal is the world's youngest Memory Trainer, who holds 3 World Records in Memory Mind and Brain Power. He is the first Indian to break "Triple World Record" in Super Strong Memory & Mental Calculations in the presence of a huge audience of around 20,000 people at VN IT Nagpur during the event Aarohi - 09. He has authored 12 books on memory and mind, holds World Wide Copyright for his invention World's Longest Unlimited Years of Calendar Using his memory techniques his 2 more students have created World Records for Fastest Memorizing. He has been published in various newspapers like English Tribune, Danik Bhasker, and Danik Jagran conducting double your memory seminars in various states of the country. 

Tags: Education Memory Brain Development


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